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Special Offer: No admin fee and 18% interest for any competitor loan refinancing.

BridgePoint Financial Services | November 22, 2016 | Posted in News Updates

Don’t let your clients needlessly pay the higher loan costs of other litigation lenders. Until the end of this year, BridgePoint is extending a special offer to refinance any of our competitors’ higher interest loans at a special 18% interest rate and NO ADMIN FEE. This offer could save your clients thousands of dollars (while saving you a major headache) at settlement.

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BridgePoint's European Affiliate to Lend Over £50M to Personal Injury Practices in the UK

SOLICITORS JOURNAL | February 16, 2016 | Posted in News Updates

A business created by Canada's top law firm financier has launched in England and Wales with plans to lend at least £50m to personal injury law firms during 2016.

SpectraLegal is the brainchild of BridgePoint Financial Group, a leading provider of litigation financing, which has supported more than 1,000 Canadian firms over the past 11 years.

Options for personal injury law firms in England and Wales to fund their practices have been in short supply in recent years amid caution from traditional lenders and the many reforms hitting the sector.

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BridgePoint Covers $500,000 in Tar Ponds Cost Award

John Rossos, BridgePoint Financial Services | January 19, 2015 | Posted in News Updates

In March 2004, five residents of Sydney, Nova Scotia commenced a class action with respect to the contamination of their properties as a result of the operation of coke ovens and steel operations in the nearby Sydney Tar Ponds. Their properties were contaminated with highly toxic substances including, in certain instances, arsenic, lead, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and polycylic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). The Governments of Nova Scotia and Canada were named as defendants for their role in the operation of the Sydney Tar Ponds and the resulting contamination.

The representative plaintiffs' class action law firms, Wagners and Siskinds LLP, contacted BridgePoint Global Litigation Services Inc. ("BridgePoint") on behalf of their clients to provide them with a $500,000 indemnity to help offset any order made against them to pay the defendants' costs. BridgePoint's indemnity allowed the representative plaintiffs to focus on advancing the action without worry that they could face potential financial ruin for agreeing to represent the class.

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BridgePoint presents at OTLA Board Meeting

Stephen Pauwels, BridgePoint Financial Services | November 17, 2014 | Posted in News Updates

BridgePoint Financial was recently invited by the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA) Board of Directors to present and discuss its services at their most recent meeting on October 20, 2014 in Toronto. The purpose of the meeting was to assist OTLA in considering its position on the litigation lending industry in light of the BC Trial Lawyers Association’s decision to restrict litigation finance companies from marketing through their organization.

This blog post is taken from the presentation made by Stephen Pauwels, Principal of BridgePoint Financial.

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Changes to Insurance Act (Prince Edward Island)

Grace Tsang, BridgePoint Financial Services | September 24, 2014 | Posted in News Updates

Prince Edward Island enacted some changes to its Insurance Act which will affect motor vehicle accidents that occur on or after October 1, 2014 or motor vehicle insurance policies that are issued or renewed on or after October 1, 2014.

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OTLA's Submission to the Review of FSCO's Dispute Resolution Services

Bob Labrecque, BridgePoint Financial Services | September 23, 2013 | Posted in News Updates

OTLA (Ontario Trial Lawyers Association) has weighed in with a series of recommendations directed at the current FSCO review process examining proposed changes to the SAB's. The recommendations are primarily focused on improvements designed to enhance access to justice for injured individuals by shortening the time it takes to resolve disputes with insurers, and to increase the transparency and fairness of the IME and assessment process.

There is much work to do in this area if our insurance system it to perform in the way that was originally intended when the pooling of risk was meant to guard the wellbeing of everyone purchasing protection. The full draft of OTLA's submission is available here for review.


FAIR Response to CAT Roundtable Discussions

Bob Labrecque, BridgePoint Financial Services | September 9, 2013 | Posted in News Updates

FAIR's response to the Round Table discussions on the proposed "CAT Determination Guidelines" amplifies the need for injured individuals and their lawyers to aggressively manage access to funding and to document insurers refusal to provide treatment as they proceed though the claims process. Simply conceding defeat when a treatment plan is denied not only kills the rehabilitation process but can damage the economic value of a claim by limiting the "Future Care" argument in Tort.

Seeking care through OHIP providers, and funding rehabilitation through personal resources and/or third party financing remains a viable option to mitigate damages while pursuing a fair settlement.

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Maurice Bourque, Q.C., speaks at APTLA Conference

Grace Tsang, BridgePoint Financial Services | August 9, 2013 | Posted in News Updates

On June 22, 2013, Maurice Bourque, Q.C. spoke at the Atlantic Provinces Trial Lawyers Association Moncton conference, Minor Injury, Serious Impairment & Pain: Physicians & Legal Specialists Interpret the Law. The topic of his presentation was "Turning Litigation Loan Interest into a Disbursement".

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May 15th Treatment Financing Seminar in Hamilton a Success

Robert LaBrecque, BridgePoint Financial Services | May 16, 2012 | Posted in News Updates

Excellent presentations were followed by a lively and informative Q & A period which offered some very useful perspectives.

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LaBrecque appears on Brain Waves AM 980 London

London, Ontario | February 20, 2011 | Posted in News Updates

Robert LaBrecque appeared as a guest on "Brain Waves" A.M. 980 London to discuss Treatment Financing.

BridgePoint reduces interest rates

Toronto, Ontario | September 17, 2010 | Posted in News Updates

BridgePoint announces the implementation of an across the board standard interest rate reduction for all new Settlement Loans from 26.0% to 24.0% and a reduction in its Treatment Financing rates from 22.0% to 20.0%. This reflects our continued commitment to offering the most responsible, affordable financing terms available to the Canadian litigation market. Click to view terms for Settlement Loans and Treatment Financing.

BridgePoint produces corporate brochure

Toronto, Ontario | August 21, 2010 | Posted in News Updates

Our new promotional brochure describing all of our primary financial services for lawyers, plaintiff and experts is available. Download a PDF, or contact us to request a hard copy.

Rossos speaks at the RAND Institute

Washington DC | May 20-21, 2010 | Posted in News Updates

John Rossos spoke at the RAND Institute for Civil Justice for Law, Finance, and the Capital Markets Conference in Washington. BridgePoint was also a sponsor of this event.

ATCO Class Action

Calgary, Alberta | June 9, 2009 | Posted in News Updates

Final court approval has been provided for the ATCO class action.

BridgePoint receives court approval for third party financing arrangement

Calgary, Alberta | May 7, 2009 | Posted in News Updates

We are pleased to announce that BridgePoint Financial Services has received court approval for a third party financing arrangement involving the representative plaintiff for a class action filed in the Province of Alberta. This is the first time a Canadian court has approved a private arrangement of this nature. Of equal importance the process was ex parte, the financing agreement will be sealed, and the order will be made public and may be utilized as a precedent in other actions that we are currently evaluating and/or engaged in.

Pauwels speaks at Reach Canada

Ottawa, Ontario | April 23, 2009 | Posted in News Updates

Stephen Pauwels spoke about The Effects of the Litigation Process on Personal Finance at Reach Canada's Financial Series of Seminar's focusing on Personal Injury Law on April 23, 2009 in Ottawa.

Rossos speaks at litigation financing conference in UK

London, UK | April 16, 2009" | Posted in News Updates

John Rossos addressed a litigation finance conference sponsored by Norton Rose LLP in London, U.K. to discuss the challenges of financing class and mass tort actions.

BridgePoint finalizes a strategic partnership with Medisys Corporate Health

Toronto, Ontario | March 22, 2009 | Posted in News Updates

BridgePoint finalizes a strategic partnership with Medisys Corporate Health to offer financing for medical assessment services. Medisys is one of the largest providers of private health care services in Canada. This partnership offers similar benefits as those offered through BridgePoint's relationship with Viewpoint Medical Assessment Services in western Canada.

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