Disbursement Financing Options

BridgePoint offers a range of flexible, cost-effective alternatives to meet any law firm's funding needs.

Disbursement Loans for Individual Files

Our Individual Disbursement Loans offer a quick and easy method for law firms to finance new (or borrow against existing) disbursement investments on individual files while deferring debt servicing until settlement.

  • Law Firm is the borrower (not the plaintiff)
  • BridgePoint has no claim on settlement proceeds ultimately payable to the plaintiff (therefore no requirement for a client's signature or acknowledgement)
  • Loan interest and principal payments can be deferred until underlying settlement, perfectly matching file cash flows
  • Simplified due diligence involves a review by BridgePoint of the specific file(s), not the practice.

Disbursement Financing via Settlement Loans to Plaintiffs

BridgePoint's Settlement Loans can also be used to finance disbursements on specific files:

  • Plaintiff is borrower, not law firm, through the law firm
  • May act as Guarantor to reduce interest rate
  • Loan proceeds are advanced to the law firm in trust
  • Loans can be set up as credit line to be drawn over time as disbursements are incurred
  • Recent precedent decisions have enabled plaintiffs to recover all financing costs incurred from the defendant where funds were borrowed to finance disbursements. Read more...
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Expert Assessment Financing

BridgePoint has credit partnership arrangements with a growing roster of medical and other professional service providers, as well as both regional and national medical assessment, to offer deferred payment arrangements to their law firm clients for med/legal assessments.

Under these partnerships, BridgePoint acquires, or "factors", the account receivable from the expert and awaits payment upon the resolution of the claim. In this manner, BridgePoint can satisfy both the experts' desire to be paid immediately upon the provision of their services and lawyers' preference to defer cash outlays until an underlying claim is resolved.

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Traditional Loan Products

For law firms not looking to tie loan payments to specific file settlement activity, BridgePoint offers a range of more traditional loan structures including term loans and standard operating credit facilities.

Financing New Practices

BridgePoint's Law Firm Financing alternatives are ideally suited to help finance newly established legal practices where acquired and transferred files are involved. In such scenarios, traditional bank financing is often insufficient to cover investment requirements, including disbursements on acquired files, new office overhead, marketing expenses and investments in new files.

We can help.

BridgePoint offers a range of flexible, cost-effective alternatives to meet any law firm's funding needs.

There are applications available for individual disbursement, shelf credit or general law firm financing.

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When I decided to establish my own practice, I had to finance the disbursements and partial legal fees for more than 100 files. On top of this I faced the serious expenditures of a new office, new staff and marketing. Bank financing alone would never have been sufficient. It was BridgePoint's understanding and financial support that ultimately made the decision a reality, and they've been a valued financial partner in my growing practice ever since.

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