BridgePoint Seeks Meaningful Change in Broken Auto Insurance System

BridgePoint adds voice to chorus of those seeking changes from legislators to restore access to justice for accident victims

February 1, 2018 | Stephen Pauwels, BridgePoint Financial Services | Posted in Viewpoint

Like others seriously affected by the many changes taking place in recent years in the personal injury litigation market in Ontario, we have witnessed with growing concern the dramatic shift in the balance of power towards insurance company defendants at the expense of accident victims. Moved by the tragic stories of the thousands of personal injury plaintiffs who require our financial support each year (all of whom have been re-victimized by our broken auto insurance system), we have decided to add our voice to the chorus of those seeking meaningful changes from legislators to restore access to justice for accident victims.

To that end, we are pleased to announce that the BridgePoint Financial Group has retained the services of Ralph Palumbo of The Hillcrest Consulting Group, who, in association with Kelly Mitchell, provide extensive years of government relations experience in area of auto insurance policy and legislation. Ralph and Kelly provide strategic advice that support BridgePoint's objectives and have assisted us in connecting with key government decision-makers and opposition members. Our overall objective is to ensure that government understands the deficiencies that currently prevent claimants from accessing proper treatment for their injuries and fair and timely resolution of their tort claims.

Mandatory auto insurance is a social contract wherein each side bears a responsibility to act fairly and in a reasonable time frame. Ontarians have upheld their end of the bargain, paying the highest auto insurance premiums in Canada. Many insurers have not – as over 25,000 current and former clients of ours can attest. They deserve better. It will be our goal in this initiative to act as a conduit for their stories to reach the ears of those who can help restore some balance to the system and ensure the rights of access to justice for all Ontarians.

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