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Other litigation lenders offer "fast" and "easy" money on expensive and confusing terms that your clients are likely too desperate to care about. These loans are advanced prematurely in the litigation with no consideration for the claim value, and may ultimately impede the settlement process.

Canada's lowest litigation lending rates

While other litigation lenders claim to offer competitive financing rates, their hidden admin fees, step-ups in rates over time, and monthly compounding all add up to excessively high costs. This can consume your clients' future settlement, which you will bear the burden of explaining to them.

We are committed to offering the most responsible and affordable settlement lending rates in Canada.

The Preferred Program from BridgePoint Financial

We want to recognize the importance of our ongoing Law Firm relationships. For that reason, we offer the Preferred Program to our committed law firm clients. The program facilitates interest rates as low as 18.0%, automatic approvals and same day funding.

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Important information regarding your client's settlement loan

  • Legal fees and disbursements always take priority to the repayment of any client's Settlement Loan repayment to BridgePoint.
  • Our process has been designed to minimize the time, effort and involvement of counsel.
  • Each Settlement Loan is a contract a between BridgePoint and the individual borrower. Counsel does not guarantee their client's obligation in any way and has no liability to BridgePoint in the event a borrower's claim is unsuccessful.
  • BridgePoint will not interfere in the direction or management of a borrower's claim under any circumstances.

Settlement Loan Considerations

We have put together a checklist of considerations to help your client decide if a settlement loan is the right choice. Read more ›

Treatment Financing

Is your client in need of funding to pay for denied or exhausted med/rehab or other insurance benefits? If so, please review our specialized Treatment Financing Programme.

Case Law Review

Recent court decisions address the recoverability of financing costs by counsel and/or their clients where funds are used to pay for disbursements or medical/treatment costs. Click here to review the decisions.

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A decision to borrow funds against future settlement proceeds is one that we urge our clients to make with caution and only after exploring all other alternatives. Once a decision has been made to borrow, we fully trust the team at BridgePoint to take care in ensuring that any financing solution they offer is appropriate, in relation to both our client's needs, and the value of the underlying claim.

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