Settlement Loan Lending Process

Our lending process is simple, fast and efficient. Our service goal is to respond to every application within 24 hours. There is no cost or obligation to apply for a BridgePoint settlement loan.

Step 1 › Application

The application is completed with basic information about your case, assisting us in making an informed lending decision.

Step 2 › Assessment

The application is reviewed by BridgePoint. Additional information from your file may be requested as part of this process.

Step 3 › Approval

You will be contacted by BridgePoint and informed of our lending decision. If you accept our loan offer, BridgePoint will prepare the loan documentation which can be emailed or faxed for your review and signature.

Step 4 › Advance of Loan

Once we receive the signed loan documents by fax (including your lawyer's acknowledgement signature), loan proceeds are advanced by wire transfer to any account of your choosing.

Settlement Loan Terms

Loan Size: Starting from $500
Interest Rate: 18% to 19.5% per year (1.5% to 2.0% per month)
Compounding: Semi-annually (NOT monthly)
Term: Minimum of six months (no maximum)
Payments: No interim payments of interest or principal required until the lawsuit is resolved.
Credit History Review: None
Employment or Income Verification: None
Application Fee: None
Admin Fee: $75 to $375* depending on the type of loan plus GST/HST
(Admin fee is payable only if a loan offer is accepted)
*$475.00 if loan is advanced in stages.

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I contacted BridgePoint and felt warmth, respect and understanding from every body that I dealt with. Once I received the loan from BridgePoint I felt a tremendous sense of relief, thankfully there exists a company like yours that helps people like me.

Client of Thomson, Rogers

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