I found your service to be exceptional. The ladies I talked with were friendly. All the directions were clear & easy to follow. The service was also fast. I had my loan within hours. Thank you so much!

Donna Contois - Client of Litwiniuk & Co.

"I truly appreciate all the financial help that has been received. The stress and anxiety that a lawsuit brings is horrible, so to get this wonderful support is fantastic!"

Bonnie N. - Client of Aaron Waxman

"In terms of financial aids, BridgePoint is one of the best companies. They are fast and very accessible, they have great customer service and friendly, very approachable staff ."

Josue D.

"BridgePoint was very kind and understanding in my time of need. I am really grateful for the help you provided because the loan was essential for my treatments. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate all you have done."

Nadim B. - Client of Quinn Thiele Mineault Grodzki LLP

"BridgePoint sincerely cares personally about the needs of their client."

Stacey H. - Client of Chapman Gordon Gardin Stewart

"Out of a duty of care for my clients, I have researched all of the litigation lending alternatives and BridgePoint offers the most affordable service by a significant margin... I know from a bad experience what a headache it is to settle a claim when a client has borrowed too much against their claim, and I appreciate the care taken by your team to avoid such scenarios."

David Hollingsworth of Hollingsworth Injury Law

"I had a great experience, it took no time at all for the funds to be deposited into my account once the paper work was completed. I really appreciate the follow up once the application was approved. I would recommend your services to anyone awaiting litigation."

Client of Cuming & Gillespi

"My client received a loan of $5,000 from you, and she then borrowed $5,000 from another lender. BridgePoint's interest was under $700. For less time on the same amount, the interest was over $1,600 from the other lender... more than double BridgePoint! Your company has been telling me for years that you are different and now I'm certain of it!"

Amanda Bafaro of Paul Lee & Associates

"Thank you so much for all your help. This service was great help for me during the hard times I'm having because of my injuries."

Lynn V.

"BridgePoint was my saving grace, not only did they pull me out of a hole they helped make sure I didn't fall back in when I needed financial help. Service is fast friendly and effective! Thank you so much everyone on the Bridgepoint team!"

Dawn P. - Client of Preszler Law

BridgePoint was approached by Findlay Law in Hamilton to obtain a treatment credit line to finance the ongoing costs of care of their client CC, who had suffered numerous fractures, brain injury and psychological trauma in a head-on MVC. The SABS non-catastrophic funding was exhausted in the first year for both medical and rehabilitation benefits and attendant care, but the GCS and the length of time following injury did not permit a CAT application to be made at that time. After an advance of ~$52,000 from the tort insurer had been used to fund ongoing treatment needs, the tort insurer refused to advance any more money. BridgePoint provided $45,000 to cover further costs incurred. As a result of the BridgePoint funding, the client was able to continue making progress, complete a college diploma in recreation therapy and is now working part-time.

Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers

"Bridgepoint understood the urgency of my loan and acted very quickly to process my application. The staff I worked with went beyond call of duty. Processed my application at the highest priority even worked on my application after hours. I received the funds in less than 48 hours ... Amazing!!! Thanks again BridgePoint. You guys rock!"

Client of Litwinuik & Associates

"After my accident I had enough things to worry about. The added stress of monthly bill payments without an income would have surely been an obstacle to my healing. The people at Bridgepoint Financial were very understanding and quickly provided me with the relief that I needed. I can now concentrate on getting my life back on track and highly recommend their services to anyone in a similar position."

Client of McLeish Orlando

"I am so glad that I contacted BridgePoint. The staff was very compassionate, understanding, and pleasant to deal with. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone that has been injured in a motor vehicle accident."

Client of Chagpar and Associates

"BridgePoint has assisted a number of our firm's clients over the years who found themselves in difficult financial situations during the course of their litigation. A decision to borrow funds against their future settlement proceeds is one we urge our clients make with caution and only after exploring alternatives. Once a decision has been made to borrow, we fully trust the team at BridgePoint to take care in ensuring that any financing solution they offer is appropriate in relation to both our client's needs and the value of the underlying claim."

Jim Howie of Howie, Sacks & Henry

"The employees at bridgepoint were very friendly and efficient at my time of need. It was much appreciated."

Karen B.

"I was very satisfied with the application process and the communication methods that my service representative provided to me."

Patrick M. - Client of Conte & Associates

"I would like to express my sincerest thanks to BridgePoint Financial. In Oct/08, my husband was injured in an automobile accident where the other driver was at fault, hitting my husband while he was stopped. He spent the next 2 years struggling to keep working as a business owner. During this time he was in constant pain which forced him to sell the business in 2010. He spent the next year and half not working, trying to accomplish tasks around our home, watching our financial position become more and more critical by the day, until he was finally able to obtain a PART-TIME JOB EARNING MINIMUM WAGE!!!! However, our financial position became worse, and we ended up in a position of robbing Peter to pay Paul. Miraculously, as we reached the point of being only days away from having no choice but to file for bankruptcy, [his] lawyer approached BridgePoint about financing to assist us in getting through until our case is settled. The lawyer did all of the work for [him], and the process was fast and easy. Within days, we received word from you that he qualified for this loan, AND THEREFORE WOULD NOT LOSE EVERYTHING THAT HE'S WORKED HIS WHOLE LIFE TO ACHIEVE!!! You helped him to gain some self-respect back, and reduce his feelings of self-worthlessness. You allowed him to hold onto his other major asset, the house that he's worked so hard to own. I'm finally starting to get my husband back! THANK YOU!!!"

Client of Kahler Injury Law

"BridgePoint is very helpful company that provided me the emergency financial need while waiting for my claim. The staff were very professional and friendly. I would refer friends in need to BridgePoint."

Thuan D. - Client of Holness Law Group

"This has assisted as a special blessing. Thank you."

Judith A. - Client of Mazin and Associates

"The service I received was first class quick and very easy. The staff helped out every step of the way. I would highly recommend this company for their services.”

Rick C.

"The service was fast and efficient. The woman who took care of my loan needs was very friendly and answered all the questions I had about the loan conditions.”

Tracy T.

"BridgePoint was there for me when I needed them. They were very fast, and better rates than other companies in same field.”

Randy G. Client of Greg Monforton and Partners

"I am going through a very difficult time, and I can't begin to explain how thankful I am for the friendly, understanding and professional people at Bridgepoint.”

Client of Yazdani Law

"I am very pleased with the professionalism with my advisor. She was very helpful and very accommodating to my requests and questions."

Client of Litwiniuk and Associates

"At a time when my family was very vulnerable, I turned to BridgePoint Financial. The staff were very helpful with assessing our needs, and provided us with funding options that had our best interest at heart. Courtesy, respect, and professionalism was the tone throughout the entire process, and the process itself was brief and seamless. BridgePoint relieved the anxiety and stress of a very difficult situation, and provided the resources we needed to weather the storm successfully. Thanks."

Client of Baldwin Professional Corporation

"Thank you for everything... you guys have no idea how much we appreciate what you have done thank you again!"

Client of Tierney Stauffer Lawyers

"I was in an accident two and a half years ago that changed my life overnight. I was financially secure and working well on my way to paying off school debt and saving for my first house but after my accident I could no longer work and the bills were piling up. Disability benefits do not pay well even at their maximum. A few weeks ago I decided I needed to get caught up. At first I came across a company that seemed quick and easy but thankfully my lawyer pointed out how high their interest and other charges were and told me to think before jumping in. They were also very quick on the phone with what seemed more like a money grab than compassion or help during a trying time. My lawyer then referred me to BridgePoint based on successful results his previous clients had had.

Right from the first email and phone call with BridgePoint I felt the support I needed. They were so friendly and genuine, taking the time to thoroughly answer all of my many questions. Their rates were significantly more affordable then the first company and they do their own review of supporting medical documents so they can determine an appropriate amount of funding. Once the process was started I had the money I needed in less then a week. This is the fist time in the last two and a half years I have felt a sense of ease. The kindness from BridgePoint's staff is something you notice from start to finish. I thank and appreciate both ladies that helped with my loan and I take comfort in knowing they are there to help. The stress of a legal claim can take such a toll it is great to have a company that doesn't add to that. Thank you again with my highest recommendations."

Client of Horne Marr Zak

"I just want to send you my sincere thanks for your help in processing my loan in a timely manner. You have made the process quick and painless and it has helped me and my family get through these though times."

Client of Preszler Law Firm

BridgePoint was approached by Findlay Law in Hamilton to obtain a treatment credit line to finance the ongoing costs of care of their client JK, who had suffered significant orthopaedic injuries, a brain injury and psychological trauma in a pedestrian MVC. Because the non-catastrophic funding limits had been reached, occupational and other therapy were denied by the SABS insurer. The CAT application is still pending. The tort insurer had ignored a number of requests for advance payment. BridgePoint approved and offered a treatment financing loan of $30,000 to cover all reasonable and necessary treatment costs incurred. The tort insurer eventually agreed to provide an advance payment of $10,000, allowing the law firm to defer the loan until after using those funds for treatment, but the loan will still be needed to finance the client’s rehabilitation, pending the resolution of the lawsuit.

Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers

"I am taking this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the superb service your organization provided. Wrongfully dismissed by an uncaring employer, I was in desperate need of financial assistance in these difficult economic times. Your firm not only assisted in directing me to a competent barrister, who acknowledged the injustice done to me, but provided the financial assistance required to seek appropriate relief in the courts without the burden of having to settle because of a lack of economic resources. Truly, BridgePoint offers the wronged an opportunity to protect themselves from the injustices imposed from a lack of cash. Your service is a powerful tool in the Canadian justice system."

Client of Teplitsky, Coulson LLP

"The staff at BridgePoint Financial were very professional, up front and honest with me. They worked with my lawyer to refinance my loan from Settlement Lenders which reduced the cost of my loan significantly. It feels good to have the peace of mind knowing I will no longer be paying 30% with compounding monthly interest! This is not only a stress reliever it also leaves my dignity intact, and that's respectful. Thank you BridgePoint!"

Client of Rooz Law

"I would just like to say that everyone that I dealt with was very polite, courteous and very help. There were no surprises. They were very understanding when it came to here my story... just a great group of people. Thank you for your understanding and commitment."

T. Gonsalves - Client of Chagpar and Associates

"Your company's services in providing funding for my client's action was excellent. The turnaround time was very short and it has relieved a lot of pressure on my clients. Thank you."

Partner at Lang Michener LLP

"Good morning, bless you and thank you BridgePoint for all of your assistance. BridgePoint came through with a loan against my medical malpractice suit. I did not sleep last night feeling such relief. Through this entire nightmare, BridgePoint has been the ONLY financial lending service willing to take a chance on my situation. I can now carry on a bit better in life as we work through this appeal nonsense."

Client of Siskinds

"Thanks for your convenient services. The money I borrowed from you helped pay my bills during a tough time after my accident and I appreciate your services."

Client of Vogel and Co.

"BridgePoint helped to ensure that we can have hydro and pay our house insurance. My husband and I have lost so much due to this claim. It is nice to know there are people like you who are willing to give a hand when it's needed. Thank you again for making this Christmas season a little brighter."

Client of David Share Associates

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff at BridgePoint for helping me with my financial difficulty. I was collecting disability insurance benefits for nearly three years until the insurance company decided it was time for me to return to work in spite of medical opinions saying otherwise. I was promptly cut of f benefits at that point. It could take years to finalize a settlement through litigation. Meanwhile money was running out and depression was setting in.

I contacted BridgePoint and felt warmth, respect and understanding from every body that I dealt with. Once I received the loan from BridgePoint I felt a tremendous sense of relief, thankfully there exists a company like yours that helps people like me."

Client of Thomson, Rogers

"My family and I experienced an almost fatal accident involving my son in July 2005. This left us with a lot of costly bills and absenteeism from work. We are very grateful for all the financial funding we have received from BridgePoint Financial without whom I am not too sure we would be able to make it through these troubling times. Sincerely Thankful!"

Clients of Singer Kwinter

"I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in which I broke my hip, my knee, and shattered my femur. I quickly went through my med/rehab insurance benefits within one year, and could not continue the necessary rehab or buy the equipment I so desperately needed. My lawyer had me had me look into BridgePoint. The amazing people that I dealt with were so helpful that words do not describe it. They were very pleasant, caring, and understanding to the situation I was in. The whole process was as quick as they said it would be online, and was handled with the utmost professionalism and respect. I would recommend BridgePoint to anyone who is in this kind of situation without a doubt. They are very fair, and very committed to helping those in need. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to truly thank BridgePoint Financial for relieving the stress that has been put on my shoulders."

Client of Goldstein, Debiase Manzocco

"BridgePoint has been a life saver on more then one occasion! The staff are always there for you and are very courteous and prompt! If you are ever in a situation where you need financial assistance quickly and you need someone there that understands your situation then I highly recommend BridgePoint Financial. Thanks again for all your help and support!"

Client of Rochon Genova

"Thank you very much. I appreciate your help and addressing matter this so quickly. Warm regards."

Client of Paul Lee & Associates

"One of the worst experiences in life is to be deprived of your future, health, employment and savings through no fault of your own. The motor insurance system in British Columbia is so fatally flawed that motor accident victims - those whom police and witnesses judge to have zero fault or liability in the accident - will normally find themselves in this predicament within a year of their lives being totally disrupted.

While it is never acceptable for people who have already suffered much also to be forced into high interest debt to survive until a settlement - which may take many years - BridgePoint made the borrowing process as painless as possible. They are quick to respond, flexible, professional, and very pleasant to do business with.

I am grateful they are there as a final line of defense against a flawed system."

Client of Taylor and Blair

"Two years ago I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. I suffered serious back and neck injuries which have left me in constant pain. The impact that this accident has had on my life has been devastating. I had always been very secure financially, and my wife and I were looking forward to a comfortable retirement in just a few years. The income replacement benefits I received from my insurer weren't even enough to cover our basic living expenses, and were eventually cut off completely. As a result, the retirement savings that my wife and I had worked our entire careers to accumulate has disappeared.

The loan I received from BridgePoint Financial has helped me get through this extremely challenging time. The people I dealt with at BridgePoint were very understanding and knowledgeable about the situation I was facing, and were very professional. Thankfully BridgePoint was there to help me through what has been an exceptionally trying experience."

Client of Chown Cairns LLP

"BridgePoint was a life saver to me. Their professionalism and responsiveness is truly amazing and such a welcome from the snails pace of the litigation process. Thank you."

Client of Howie, Sacks & Henry

"I was involved in a major car accident in 2005. I was unable to work and received a setback when [the insurer] did not recognize my injuries despite having two surgeries and lots of therapy. We found that the small disability benefits I was receiving was not enough to help us through each month. I had contacted a lawyer and through them we were referred to Bridge Point. Litigation will take a long time to finalize a settlement but with the help of your company we are able to breathe a lot easier. My contact with BridgePoint has been very professional and the people are very compassionate and understanding. I am very thankful there exists a company like yours out here to help people like me."

Client of Bronson, Jones Injury Lawyers

"I would like to thank you [BridgePoint] and your company for helping me with my financial difficulty. My car accident ruined everything that I planned for my family. Being a single mom with three kids and no credit history trying to borrow from a financial institution is a nightmare! I am a law abiding citizen and a victim of a reckless driver. I was so glad to find BridgePoint. I know now who I can go to for help."

Client of Singer Kwinter

"My wife and I were involved in a motor vehicle accident, and my wife's injuries left her immobile. [As a result] I had to stop working to look after her. Our insurance benefits helped with some financial obligations, but we still fell short financially each month and the banks and trust companies would not help us in our situation. That is when a friend connected us with BridgePoint Financial. We would like to thank you for everything you have done for us. If not for your help, we would be in a very bad situation."

Clients of Laushway Law

"After my accident, in addition to my physical injuries, I lost my job, my home and any trace of my life before the accident. I am very thankful to my lawyer enough for putting me in touch with BridgePoint Financial. The loans I received from [BridgePoint] helped me when no one else could and helped me get through a very challenging time. I would recommend their services to anyone going through what I did without hesitation."

Client of Neinstein Associates

"BridgePoint came into my life when I thought there was no financial alternative other than to declare bankruptcy. You appeared as a light of hope in the darkest part of what my family and I have been going through as a result of my injuries. There are no words to express my thankfulness to [BridgePoint], and on behalf of my family I would like to simply say thank you for being there when I thought everything was lost."

Client of Lerners LLP

"After a car accident made it impossible for me to go back to work I had a hard time covering my bills and day to day living. If it wasn't for BridgePoint I'm scared to think of what would have happened. Thank you and your wonderful staff for being there in my time of need. You guys were awesome."

Client of Graves Richard Harris

"Amongst a sea of uncertainty, BridgePoint Financial has been steady as a rock. As you all know, the bills don't stop coming, but life must go on. BridgePoint has given me piece of mind and guided me through their lending procedures with kindness and a willingness to work with me - that is something. It has almost been three years since my accident and without working the stress piles up. Having you behind me has allowed me to pay bills start a new career. I couldn't have made it this far without you. Thank you."

Client of Rodin Law Firm

"I would like to thank BridePoint financial for helping me. I was hit by a car while cycling and in the hospital for 5 weeks with multiple skull fractures. I was unable to work, my life was so stressful, my finances were gone and BrigePoint saved the day! I'm thankful that they have helped relieve my financial stress and have allowed me to be a little more positive in my recovery Thanks again."

Client of Bronson Jones Injury Lawyers

"Phew! Thank you BridgePoint. A lawsuit is stressful enough. Aside from the damage caused by the accident and resultant permanent injuries, the damage caused by the stress of learning to cope with these injuries and the changed reality of now not being able to work at a job that I loved, the stress of trying to pay bills and make ends meet on severely curtailed income, a disappeared investment account and continued stalling by the defendant insurance company was close to overwhelming.

BridgePoint changed all that. Now I have breathing space and the much-needed funds to carry on with my life. Thank you BridgePoint!"

Client of Singer Kwinter

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