Disbursement Financing

We understand contingency fee-based legal practices

BridgePoint recognizes that personal injury law firms are capital intensive businesses with unique cash flow cycles relative to other professional service providers. As former bankers, we also recognize that banks and other traditional lenders do not offer your legal practice a reliable source of operating working capital.

We can help

We offer a variety of flexible disbursement financing alternatives to help our law firm clients grow their practices while ensuring their clients realize the highest potential recoveries for their claims. Contact us to apply for BridgePoint Disbursement Financing.

Key benefits

Our disbursement financing has enabled our law firm clients to:

  • Expand the size of their practice without sacrificing the quality of investments made in each case
  • Maximize the value of their clients' claims by accessing the highest quality experts in a timely manner
  • Generate a more stable and consistent source of cash flow to manage the peaks and troughs in file settlement activity
  • Match their cash flows by aligning debt servicing payments with file settlement activity
  • Maximize after tax profitability by enabling the deduction of financing costs for tax purposes.

BridgePoint offers a range of flexible, cost-effective alternatives to meet any law firm's funding needs.

There are applications available for individual disbursement, shelf credit or general law firm financing.

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When I decided to establish my own practice, I had to finance the disbursements and partial legal fees for more than 100 files. On top of this I faced the serious expenditures of a new office, new staff and marketing. Bank financing alone would never have been sufficient. It was BridgePoint's understanding and financial support that ultimately made the decision a reality, and they've been a valued financial partner in my growing practice ever since.

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