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The Expert Access Program from BridgePoint Financial

The problem

Banks never have and never will offer an adequate source of funding to personal injury legal practices. Their restrictive lending models are especially problematic for newly established and/or rapidly growing firms.

A traditional source of alternate funding – experts willing to wait for payment until settlement – is no longer commonly offered (and was problematic for the experts even when it was).

BridgePoint's Solution

Unlike traditional lenders, BridgePoint understands the correlation between lawyers’ disbursement investments today, and fees realized tomorrow.

As Canada’s largest and most experienced litigation financing company, our specialized funding solutions are designed to help our law firm clients grow their practices, while addressing the cash flow fluctuations inherent in their contingency fee arrangements.

Expert Access Program

Access expert assessments today. Pay at settlement.

Expert AccessTM is a deferred payment program offered exclusively by BridgePoint that enables personal injury lawyers to obtain medical/legal and other important assessments from our growing network of leading experts across the country. Our solutions simultaneously ensure that experts are paid for their services as rendered, without delay.

Payment is deferred until settlement, with NO financing or interest costs for up to 2 years.

Features & Benefits

For Lawyers

  • Access to a network of hundreds of top experts across Canada, including several regional and national IME companies.
  • Deferred payment until resolution of each underlying file.
  • No interest or financing costs for first 2 years post-assessment.
  • Invisible arrangement for plaintiff clients and defendants.
  • Automatic law firm pre-approval for the program.
  • No individual file reviews. Minimal administration.

For Experts

  • Immediate payment of their assessment account by BridgePoint.
  • Transfer of all payment timing and collection risk to BridgePoint.
  • Ability to offer attractive new deferred payment terms to existing law firm clients.
  • New referral opportunities from existing BridgePoint law firm clients.
  • Eliminates risk of conflict of interest attacks from defence counsel.

How it works

  1. Expert completes and invoices law firm for their assessment. Invoice includes an assignment notice to pay BridgePoint (not expert) upon resolution of file.
  2. Expert immediately sells invoice to BridgePoint (at a slight discount to the invoice amount).
  3. Upon eventual settlement of underlying file, law firm pays invoice to BridgePoint per assignment notice. If more than 2 years old, interest from the 2 year mark is also paid.

Our Expert Partners

BridgePoint has partnered with a rapidly growing roster of hundreds of individual specialists, and regional and national medical assessment companies covering every discipline.

Unlock the ability to access top expert reports.

Please contact us at 1-888-800-4966 or to learn more about the BridgePoint Expert AccessTM Program.

We look forward to hearing from you.