BridgePoint Financial Services Inc.

The Preferred Program from BridgePoint Financial

Helping you help your clients

Our main goal is a very simple one: to help you help your clients with our responsible settlement lending solutions.

The reward for a job well done is also quite simple: a call from you to help your next client in need. It is these small investments, one client at a time, that over a decade have earned us trusted relationships with over a thousand of Canada’s leading personal injury law firms.

Investing in Relationships

We want to recognize the importance of our ongoing relationship.

Two years ago, BridgePoint’s Preferred Law Firm Program was introduced to facilitate faster, easier access to our settlement loans for our committed law firm clients. The program has been such a success that we have decided to take it a few steps further...

Reduced Interest Rates

The interest rate on all new settlement loans offered to our Preferred law firm clients is now 19.5%. Further, all clients of law firms who are subscribed to BICO Firm ProtectTM will benefit from a further interest rate reduction to 18.0%.

Additional Features Include:

  • Automatic Approval
  • Reduced Administrative Fee
  • Same Day Funding

For clarification, our automatic approvals do not involve any guarantee or representation by you as counsel regarding the underlying claim’s prospects of success or value. As per standard BridgePoint policy, no loans will be processed without your acknowledgement.

We value our relationship. We value your time.

Please contact us at 1-888-800-4966 or to learn more about the BridgePoint Preferred Program or request funding for your client.

We look forward to hearing from you.