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BridgePoint introduces business financing solution

CrosstownHelp: BridgePoint Financial announces Expropriation and Business-Loss Financing for those affected by delayed LRT project

August 25, 2020

Interim financial assistance, access to legal representation, and expert advice available to help businesses recoup losses.

From the CISION Newswire.

In response to the more than 3,000 small businesses negatively affected by the Eglinton Crosstown LRT project, BridgePoint Financial has launched CrosstownHelpTM, an expropriation and business-loss consulting and financing program to help recoup losses and restore financial and business stability to those impacted by the delayed infrastructure project.

BridgePoint Financial provides businesses with access to legal representation, expert advice, and financing that business owners can use for working capital, relocation costs, or to pay for the costs of litigation allowing them to withstand the negative financial effects of the government’s actions.

“BridgePoint Financial launched CrosstownHelpTM to educate businesses and provide them with the guidance and financial support they need to pursue expropriation claims and receive the fair compensation they are entitled to,” said John Rossos, Co-founder and Principal of BridgePoint Financial Services Inc. “The cost of expropriation is significant, and while the Eglinton LRT is a much-needed infrastructure project, hundreds of businesses have received substantially less than fair value to cover the loss and interruption of business.”

Unfortunately, the Eglinton Crosstown LRT project, as with many road construction projects, has come at a big cost to business owners who often have to borrow, relocate or close down altogether. The Ontario Expropriation Act provides that businesses will receive fair compensation for business interruption, relocation and ancillary costs, and loss of business and goodwill. To date, $6.6 million has been given to Business Improvement Areas for marketing, parking, and maintenance support, while the Province of Ontario recently announced $3 million to support the areas impacted by the construction.

“For small business owners operating along Eglinton Avenue, the transit project is a threat to their livelihood,” added Rossos. “In many cases, these business owners feel intimidated and aren’t aware of their options or that they have any. BridgePoint’s goal is to give businesses the best opportunity to level the playing field to advance their claims.”

BridgePoint’s consulting services provide access to the best expropriation expertise across Canada and allow business owners to hire top lawyers and experts without being forced to settle for less due to cash flow related issues, assuming full recoverability of costs from the government.

BridgePoint will also provide businesses with financing to assist with:

  • Costs associated with loss of revenue including legal and expert fees or business relocation;
  • Costs due to business interruption including working capital to stabilize the business, preserve goodwill and cover damages; and
  • Access to the best legal representation and expert advice including experts in expropriation and funding to pay for those costs.

The Eglinton Crosstown LRT is one of the largest transit projects in Canada and, once completed, will include 25 stops along a 19km corridor across Eglinton Avenue in Toronto. Since construction began in 2011, more than 140 businesses along Eglinton Avenue West have closed. Recently, the City of Toronto announced that construction will continue well into 2022.

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BridgePoint introduces business financing solution