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Treatment Financing Crisis in Ontario

Crisis for the tens of thousands of motor vehicle accident victims in Ontario

April 16, 2012

The past 18 months have witnessed a dramatic decrease in benefit coverage for most accident victims in Ontario under the new provincial Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule, compounded by an unprecedented number of treatment plan denials by insurers. Prior to the September 2011 changes, there were approximately 24,000 meditations scheduled to resolve benefit eligibility disputes. That figure has grown to over 36,000 currently and is increasing by over 1000 per month.

This is an unmitigated crisis for the tens of thousands of motor vehicle accident victims in Ontario waiting for med/rehab services and products that are vital to their recovery efforts and is forcing claimants, their rehab providers and legal counsel to seek alternative sources of treatment funding.

The legal and rehab community is invited to join us for our 3rd in a series of panel discussions on the subject of treatment financing alternatives. The event will take place in Hamilton on May 15 and is free to attend. Panel members will include Andrew Spurgeon of Ross & McBride LLP, Allan Wynperle of Wynperle Law, Kevin Anstee of Progressive Case Mgmt Inc. and Mary Jusdanis of Jusdanis Neuro Rehabilitation Consultants Inc.

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Treatment Financing Crisis in Ontario