Treatment Financing

A common practice in the industry involves treatment providers' offering their services on a "deferred" or "protected" account basis where an insurer has denied a treatment plan or where interim accident benefits are unavailable (such as in non-motor vehicle accident cases).

Payment for services is then received only upon the successful resolution of a claimant's personal injury litigation, often years after services were rendered causing significant cash flow problems for the treatment provider. We offer a customized solution to this "protected account" problem ›

BridgePoint will immediately pay up to 85% of the full face value of their outstanding and future "protected" accounts where the following conditions are met:

  1. Services have been provided to individuals who are pursuing personal injury litigation (including but not exclusively MVA related) with a related tort claim;
  2. The client has signed an undertaking acknowledging that:
    • Payment for the account will be rendered upon the resolution of the claim;
    • The account is assignable.

Features & Benefits

  • Offers treatment providers immediate access to cash to fund their operations and increase service volumes;
  • Enables treatment providers to focus on their professional services versus financing their clients and eliminates the associated potential for conflict;
  • Allows accident victims to mitigate their loss regardless of access to funding, protecting the economic value of their claim;
  • BridgePoint assumes all account administration responsibilities (including payment collection from law firm) once it acquires the account from the treatment provider;
  • Pricing is flexible depending on specific payment terms offered to the client by treatment provider (i.e. interest on account if any, etc.)

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Contact us to request an information package describing our customized approach to providing our unique Treatment Financing solution for treatment providers.

I was hit by a car while cycling and in the hospital for 5 weeks with multiple skull fractures. I was unable to work, my life was very stressful, my finances were gone and BrigePoint saved the day! I'm thankful that they relieved my financial stress and allowed me to be a little more positive in my recovery. Thanks again.

Client of Bronson Jones Injury Lawyers

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